Gamified information dashboard

Gamified Information Dashboards bring you KPI’s of the goals you want steer your employees in a understandable, international, language informative way to your people. Through TV screens, tablets or smartphones we bring the information to life in a language that everyone understands, the language of a Game! Together we define the right interface that suits your company and your employees. With this we improve  the insight, involvement and productivity of your employees.

Higher motivation: 
By adding game elements, people’s intrinsic motivation is addressed and increased.

Universal language: 
Gamification is very visual and therefore more independent of language and culture.

New generation: 
These innovation method appeals to the younger generation of employees.

Better learning effect:
Employees are ”rewarded” in the game. This make the message stick better.

Simple tasks are made more fun and challenging.

this is how it looks

Our information dashboards provide a clear overview in a fun gamified style.


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