The ultimate counterbalance-, reach-and orderpick-truck training

Forklift Simulator

Forklift Simulator provides Virtual Reality training for truck drivers in warehouses. The use of genuine OEM forklift parts in combination with VR’s 3D perspective provides a real driving experience. It utilizes gamified environments to affect behavioral change. It includes 10 different levels and 40 exercises based upon the world’s best forklift training practices. Analytics provide objective data tracking and reporting. Measure 20 of the most common mistakes with gold-silver-bronze scoring.

Less support

As the training program is executed in a digital environment, the employees are monitored automatically and less human support is needed.

Objective assessment

The VR environment keeps track of personal performance and scoring. In this way the trainer can objectively assess the employee and improve personal performance.

Increased safety

The training is executed in a virtual and safe environment in which the employee can be trained for dangerous scenarios. This ensures a prepared employee once he goes into operation.

Continuous operations

As the employees are trained in a virtual environment the operation is not interrupted and the risk of disturbances is lower

Comprehensive training

In virtual reality employees experience the training in an immersive 3D environment. It is proven that training in VR has an improved learning effect as your employees will remember the lessons better. 

Lower costs

More employees can be trained at the same time at home and outside the operation with less human support and so with lower costs.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced provider of Virtual Reality solutions for production and logistics. We combine innovative and proven VR & Gaming technology to develop unique client-driven solutions.

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