360 videos and photos provide the ultimate experience of your facility which employees will recognize and remember.

360 Video & Photo

360 videos and photos provide a complete “all around” visualization of your facility. By connecting multiple videos or photos a journey or tour is defined. This tour includes interactive points such as video, pictures, text or mini-games. Via monitor or VR glasses employees or clients can experience the tour at home or any other remote location.

Better recognition

The person will already have experienced your facility and will know his way around better once he really visits it.  

Ultimate experience

The immersiveness of 360 visuals combined with interactive learning ensures an experience which people will not easily forget.

Quickly up-and-running

As employees can experience the tour at home in their own time they are quicker up-and-running when they start.

Company branding

This innovative experience creates positive branding with a distinctive approach to attract people.

Lower cost

As employees can execute the tour or training on a remote location in their own time and less human support is needed, the cost will be lower.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced provider of 360 visualization solutions for production and logistics. We combine innovative and proven visualization and gaming technology to develop unique client-driven solutions.