Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality solutions visually support your staff during the execution of processes. Through the AR glasses, your employee sees his work environment and additional information in text and images. For example, it provides information about the position of products and activities in your company. By applying gamification in the workflow, people become extra motivated.

Higher productivity

The AR glasses contain sensors and a camera/barcode/QR-code scanner. Handheld devices are no longer necessary, so the employee has both hands free.

Fewer mistakes

The AR applicatie visualises the built-in workflow including control points. This reduces the amount of mistakes in processes.

Effective support

By displaying the right information at the right time, the employee can work more effectively due to sufficient work-support.

Better motivation

In our AR applications, we apply gamification. This improves motivation and makes working more fun, even at the end of a long day.

Universal languages

By supporting the workflow with visual signals, the AR-solution becomes language-independent. This makes the AR solution very effective when working with international workers.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced specialist in using Virtual Reality in productie and logistics. We combine the latest proven knowledge on gaming and logistics to create unique solutions. Logistic Workx provides a solution for your entire situation.