Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality solutions offer a virtual environment of your company. In this digital copy, employees can be trained in simulations of varying processes. Think of production, order picking, and forklift controls. Using gamification and Virtual Reality, employees are challenged in a motivating way.

Continuing operation

Because employees are trained outside of the real workfloor, the real workflow is not disturbed and the risk of slowing down production is reduced significantly.

Better safety

The training takes place in a virtual and safe environment. This means employees can be trained in dangerous situations, without risk. They are also better prepared for risky situations on the real workfloor.

Lower costs

Because employees can be trained at home or away from the workfloor, their training requires less guidance. This causes a significant reduction of training and preparation costs.

Effective training

In VR, employees experience a realistic 3D portrayal of the real environment. It is proven that this helps them remember information and improves the learning effect.

Less guidance

The trainingsprogram is used in a digital environment. This automizes monitoring and thus required less personal guidance during the training.

Objective assessment

In the VR environment, we keep track of the results ”scores” of your employees. The trainer kan objectively assess and stimulate personal growth.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced specialist in using Virtual Reality in productie and logistics. We combine the latest proven knowledge on gaming and logistics to create unique solutions. Logistic Workx provides a solution for your entire situation.