gamified order picking

Gamified Orderpicking ensures that the goals to which you want to manage your order pickers are offered in a understandable, international, language-independent manner. In the language of a game! This does not touch people’s heads, but their hearts. Gamified Order Picking is created by linking different data sources, on which we together define the right interface that suits your company and the employees. With these we achieve goals in the field of safety, productivity and collegiality.

Higher motivation: 
By adding game elements, people’s intrinsic motivation is addressed and increased.

Universal language: 
Gamification is highly visual and therefore more independent of language and culture.

New generation: 
This innovative method appeals to the younger generation of employees.

Better learning effect: 
Employees are ”rewarded” in the game. This makes the message stick better.

Simple tasks are made more fun and challenging.

this is how it looks

Our goal is to turn work into a game. This provides more fun, involvement, effectiveness or safety.

With the help of our administrator portal we ensure that you can easily view all data of your employees.


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