gamified recruitment

Make your vacancy more attractive! Let the candidate take a virtual look inside and determine the match by offering the candidate mini-games, about physical competences and attitudes. This way you can reach more candidates and find the candidates with the best match.

Company branding:
This innovative recruitment method sets you apart from other employers.

Skill test: 
By playing mini-games can skills of employees be objective tested.

Employee journey: 
The employee is taken through virtual environments through a game and remains fascinated by this.

Higher conversion:
By engaging and binding better, the conversion from candidate to employee increases.

this is how it looks

Our recruitment games offer the applicant fun games to play. We test the skills and sketch a clear picture of the expected qualifications.

With a nice virtual tour of the future workplace, we make everything very transparant for the applicant. This ensures that they start working with the right expectation and that they have learned more about their future work as well.


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