Gamification in recruitment will support you to attract people and getting them committed to your organization.

Gamified Recruitment

In gamified recruitment, information on the employer, working environment and job information is offered in an employee journey with gaming elements. This journeycreates an improved connection with the candidate (rational and emotional) to assess if there is a match between employee and employer. Through automation of this process the candidate is tested on required skills through an objective assessment.

Company branding

This innovative approach will distinguish you from other employers

Better assessments

By offering mini-games and test, skills can be tested objectively and reported automatically .

Attractive experience

As the candidate goes through a gamified journey he will stay attracted until the end.

Higher conversion

By attracting and connecting to the candidate, higher conversion rates are achieved.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced provider of gamification solutions for recruitment in production and logistics. We combine innovative and proven VR & Gaming technology with human resource management to develop unique client-driven solutions.

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