With our gamification solutions we enrich your work processes with game elements. The essence of gamification is the addition of a game element or technique that causes the employee to display desirable behavior (by himself). A positive approach in which the employee is central and is challenged in a motivating way.

More motivation

Using game-elements, the motivation of the employee is improved significantly.

Universal language

Gamification uses mostly visuals, which makes it more language and culture independent.

New generation

This innovative way of working is more attractive to the new, younger, generation of employees.

Better learning

Employees are “rewarded” in-game, causing them to more easily remember what they are taught.

More fun

Simple tasks are made more fun and more challenging.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced specialist in using Virtual Reality in productie and logistics. We combine the latest proven knowledge on gaming and logistics to create unique solutions. Logistic Workx provides a solution for your entire situation.