virtual pre-boarding tour

The virtual Pre-Boarding tour is an online tour of your company. New employees can get acquainted with location, rules and people before the start on the basis of 360 photo & video, 3D material and interactive elements.

Lower costs: 
Employees do the virtual tour at home in their own time on a telephone, tablet or pc.

Better preparation: 
Employees can prepare themselves online so that they are better prepared for what is coming on their first day at work.

Faster operational:
Parts of the on-boarding process can be processed in the pre-boarding, so that the employee is up and running more quickly.

Company branding: 
Distinguish yourself as an employer by involving your people more in your company, based on the use of innovative technology get more involved in your business.

this is how it looks

By means of 360 images we show a digital replica of your company. Our costumers notice immediately that new employees no longer get lost on their first day, for example. We use games to teach your employees what the house rules are.

Boring? Not for the employees! They experience this as a game,  which ensures more involvement. The learned knowledge sticks better.


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