Gamified Order Picking

Gamified Order Picking ensures your order pickers are instructed and motivated in a fun and effective way. With this technology, tasks are communicated to your employees in understandable, international, language independent message, the message of a game. Using gamified instruction for order picking will increase motivation and make sure the message will be remembered longer. Gamification will get to heart of employees, not just the head.

Our Gamified Order Picking solution is integrated with different data sources. We do not interfere with your WMS, HRM or Fleet Management system, we simply connect using standard interfaces. With our human resource and gaming experts we develop the right User Interface that fits your needs. The interface will ensure you will reach you target in safe an productive way and will increase the team spirit.


Implementing Gamified Order Picking will offer you the following benefits:

  • A clear an appealing communication to all employees in your logistic or production facility
  • Universal language, independent the employees nationality
  • The message and targets will be remembered longer by your employees
  • New employees are quicker up-to-speed by shorter learning curves
  • Less time needed to coach and train your employees
  • Higher intrinsic motivation by really connecting to your employees

Simply making work more fun without losing performance


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