Appealing KPI dashboards that your employee finally understands.

Gamified Information Dashboard

Gamified Information Dashboards add gaming elements to your Key Performance Indicator Dashboards. The essence of gamification is adding game elements and technologies to stimulate employee behavior. A positive approach which centralizes the employee and challenges him in a positive way. Different data sources are connected to create appealing user interface that will lead to increase of performance, safety and team building.

Higher motivation

The gamified process elements address the intrinsic motivation of employee and increases it.

Universal language

Gamification has a very visual approach which makes it more language independent

New generation

This innovative approach attracts the new and younger generation

Better learning

As the employee is rewarded and receives positive feedback the learning experience is better. 


Even simple tasks are made fun and challenging.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced provider of gamification solutions for production and logistics. We combine innovative and proven gaming technology to develop unique client-driven solutions.

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