Virtual Pre-Boarding ensures employees that are quickly up-an-running.

Virtual Pre-Boarding Tour

Virtual Pre-boarding tour is an online journey through your company. Before they start, new employees are introduced to your organization, team, location and protocols. Based on 360 video or photo a virtual tour with interactive elements, such a text, pictures, video and mini-games is created. Within the tour a specific route with checkpoints is created to make sure the employee goes through all the mandatory activities.

Lower cost

Employees experience the virtual tour at home in their own time without human support.

Better preparation

Employees are better prepared when they start.  

Shorter introduction

As parts of the on-boarding process can be done in the pre-boarding phases employees will be productive quicker

Company branding

This innovative approach will create a positive experience with employees.

Logistic Workx

Logistic Workx is an experienced provider of Virtual Reality and 360 visualization solutions for production and logistics. We combine innovative and proven VR & Gaming technology to develop unique client-driven solutions.

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