Integration learning environment & Continuity operation

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Integration learning environment

Log in via 101 different systems and learning environments. We all know it and it is very annoying.

Due to compliance with the IMS LTI standard, our Forklift and Reach Truck Game can be fully integrated with your learning environment (LMS). That means ease of use for you and your employees through single sign-on (log-in once). W take care of the hosting, security and regular updates of the training game.

Continuity operation

People become distracted at work when newcomers they don’t know or when people are still training and on boarding. Often even in such a way that they themselves forget, turn over or do wrong things. Sorry, I was distracted for a moment!””

Because employees do the Forklift and Reach Truck Game and the VR simulation training outside of the operation, there is no disruption in production and the risk of error decreases.

Curious about the other advantages of the Lift and Reach Truck Game? Then read our new blog next week!

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