Connection to the diversity of your employees, Less guidance needed & Objective assessment and multiple levels

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Connection to the diversity of your employees

By using the Forklift and Reach Truck game we can easily connect to the diversity of your employees. We can add multiple languages to the Forklift and Reachtruck game. As a result, the training immediately has a much better connection with the student who speaks another language, such as Polish. Because you always play a game at your own place, it fits better with levels of experience and cultural differences. By using this game you get more connection, and the knowledge lingers much better than, for example, setting up a trainer who only speaks Dutch and English.

Less guidance needed

When your first start at your new job, it is of course still very exciting and you still have to learn a lot. After all guidance is needed for you and the other employees, which takes a lot of time and energy.

When you start at your new job, you need several days of guidance, because of course you cannot learn everything in 1 day. As a result, a lot of time is spent on coaching a new employee and this can be done easier and faster, saving your more time as a company.

The Forklift and Reachtruck game can be played at home. This is very useful for a company, because employees have to do this at home and they can simply start working at the company. Monitoring is automated in the game and therefore less personal guidance is required during training.

Objective assessment and multiple levels

In many companies, a manager looks at how you function. This can be very stressful for an employee and affect performance, because it is a snapshot. That certainly applies if you are also in a class with colleagues who are starting at you…

A game is the perfect solution for individual training, multi-level training and objective assessment. In the digital environment, the performance ”scores” are kept, so that an objective assessment can be made. The Lift and Reachtruck Game is suitable for different levels, so that personal development can be better monitored and stimulated, so there is even more insight to adjust competencies

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