Our training store will remain open!

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Our training store will remain open 

If you want to buy a training game at Logistic Workx, you can! The Logistic Workx training shop simply remains open, so you can continue to train your employees.

With our training sessions physical human contact is not necessary: The theory training games are online so that every student can follow the training from home and the practical training on a simulator, which explains itself. In both cases, the trainer can stay at a distance, provide coaching and support. This means that we can continue to provide training during this Corona time. During training on the simulator, you use VR glasses, which are thoroughly cleaned after ach employee, so that the next student can train safely again.

Many companies cannot or may not provide training at the moment because the minimum group size is already to large, according to the Corona measures. Logistic Workx responds perfectly to this and offers your company the opportunity to train your staff despite the corona measures.

Our workouts are real games, making it fun to train as often and as much as you want. No hassle with Corona and satisfied trained employees as a result!

If you have any further question about the Logistic Workx training courses or other things that you are curious about, Than please contact us!

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