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Logistic Workx has been working hard on the website behind the scenes in recent weeks and it has turned out to be a great end result. The website has become very clear and you can find everything quickly and easily in the menu bar at the top.

Many things has been adjusted and changed on the site. For example, under the heading ”News” you can read various blogs about interesting topics, such as what Logistic Workx is doing, what they have done an fun tips and facts.

You can quickly find useful information about the solutions via the menu bar, but also about the workshops that Logistic Workx organizes. Our partners have been made more visible an have made it easy for you to contact us, which is of course very important.

An important change on the Logistic Workx website is that we have put the Gamified forklift truck theory training online. You can now easily choose a package, find package prices, request a quote or place an order. In no time, your people can train Coronaproof lifting and reach truck theory.

We hope to see you soon on our new website!

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