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Why learn from aviation training?

The articel from clearly shows that there is room for improvement in the safety of working with Forklift, reach and pallet trucks.

Pilots train in simulators every year; we think that’s normal! But isn’t the environment more complex for forklift drivers? Passengers are stuck, the ‘aircraft density’ is low, warehouses are busy and walking behavior is unpredictable. Why don’t we train that much more often in simulators?

Research at TU Delft shows that simulators with unpredictable, extreme exercises can be used to train pilots even better for stress and surprise. This also applies to drivers of internal transport equipment!

The problem, however, is the scalability of the training model. Training twice as often actually costs twice as much money. Training all (temporary) people is to expensive. That is why a new method is needed and a new standard!

We set that New Standard! Professional, fun, flexible, high-frequency with complete detailed reports: The first applicants will receive an offer that cannot be turned down! Curious? Than watch this webinar on safety in warehouses or call us for more information on 0630955339.

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